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Auctions & Sales

Hi! I'm back with some more collection weeding auctions - hopefully the last I'll have to do for a while. :'D

My pkmncollectors sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the rule's creation.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/
Auction Preview:

Sales Guidelines:

  • Auctions will end on Monday, May 11 at 7:00 PM US CST. (Countdown Timer)

  • Auctions will be auto-extended by 5 minutes if bids are placed within 5 minutes of the ending time, and will continue until 5 minutes have passed without a bid.

  • Paypal only!

  • I ship from the USA

  • Prices do not include shipping or handling fees. Shipping prices are individually listed and handling fees are determined by the total price of products and shipping costs.

  • I will happily combine shipment with multiple items.

  • Please pay within 24 hours of receiving a total! I won't be angry if you don't (unless you don't respond at all) but I can only ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If I do not receive payment before Wednesday, I will have to wait until the week after to ship.

  • I will accept payment plans for totals of $50 or more as long as everything is paid for by Saturday, May 16
  • Serious buyers only. Please do not inquire if you know that you can't pay for a purchase. Shipping prices (sans transaction fees) are listed below each item to help determine the total cost.

  • Anybody who commits to a purchase and backs out will be left neutral feedback and banned from my sales.

  • All pkmncollectors community buying & selling guidelines apply.

  • I live in a smoke-free, pet friendly home (specifically a cat, and I interact with chickens), but I keep animals separated from my items and I give plush a run-over with a lint roller.

  • Optional shipping insurance is available for USA residents at $2.00 and Registered Mail is available to residents outside of the USA at $14.00.

  • At this moment, I will not trade for anything.

RARE! Falkner Metal Charm - starts at $25
This was originally released during the GSC era packaged with a Zephyr Badge. It's original ball chain isn't included, but it's still quite difficult to find.
Shipping in a bubble envelope is $3.00 to the USA and $6.50 everywhere else

RARE! Murkrow Chibi Stamp - starts at $20
Still in excellent condition and stamps like new!
Shipping in a bubble envelope is $3.00 to the USA and $6.50 everywhere else

Cyndaquil & Typhlosion Lot - starts at $15
Shipping in a bubble envelope is $3.00 to the USA, $7.50 to Canada, and $9.50 to everywhere else.
The papercraft will be shipped disassembled in protective cardboard. Typhlosion papercraft isn't as washed out as it looks (lighting!)

MIP 151 Can Badges - each starts at $10
Shipping in a bubble envelope is $3.00 to the USA and $6.50 everywhere else

Psyduck & Pidgeotto Keshimon. Both are silver; Pidgeotto is just reflecting the lighting.
Psyduck starts at $10
Pidgeotto starts at $15
Shipping in a bubble envelope is $3.00 to the USA and $6.50 everywhere else

MWT Jakks Togekiss Plush - starts at $20
Shipping in a box will be $3.00 to the USA, $8.50 to Canada, and $12.00 to everywhere else

Additionally, I found one of my old sales boxes again so I've re-opened my permanent sales post. Any items paid for before Wednesday will ship out this coming Wednesday!

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