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Two Banette Questions!

So, I've had two burning questions in my mind about some really odd/rare Banette merch I've seen about. Any answers at all would be super appreciated! I don't know why info is so scarce on these items, Banette isn't Gen I but she has too many rare items.

First up is this shirt I've seen on Y!J that they're trying to sell for 10,000 Yen?!? ono

Running it through Google translate, it says it was part of a Daisuke Club promo and that only 100 were made? I think? Has anyone seen any other shirts from this lottery and what they've sold for or any other info? It's such a creepy Banette shirt! I love her but sometimes she's too disturbing If the price is right I'll probably never get it as that's too much for a shirt I can't wear, but I never knew this existed!

Secondly, this plush. I'm so confused. Is it Pokemon Center? Is it a Hasbro plush? Is it a lottery plush? I've only ever seen a few photos around of it and have never seen one for sale. Most I've heard is that supposedly it was a PC plush only available in the NYC Pokemon Center. What on earth is it? What does it sell for? Is it likely going to be my holy grail item? (Probably.)

In a small, unanswerable likely question, it seems that years ago Snowball21 was THE Banette collector and in 2011 was going to sell off their collection...but never did? Or did they? It's been years since that post so they likely already did though. I need to work up the courage to try and contact them, haha.

Thanks in advance for any answers!
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