SoftMonKeychains (anaildapinto) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Sales: B2W2 Quiz Book!

Edit: SOLD! Thank you!

Hi! I'm that keychain handcrafter but today I have a different kind of offer to present you:

I have this book in my pose since two years and now, I would like to sale it:

It's a japanese illustrated quiz book focusing Black 2/White 2 games, with + 190 pages of very nice anime-like illustrations! I really like it, but I need some extra money for medicine so sadly I need to gather most help as possible, even if that means to let go the very little of the franchise I got.

So, the book is in very good condition, without any cuts, smudges or any other issues as I carefully used it only for references.

My suggestion goes for 8 USD, plus 3 USD for shipment fees worldwide! Anyone can claim it no matter where may live.

Please let me know if you are interested, or simply asking about the content or anything in particular, feel free!
See ya!
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