ishtaryasha (ishtaryasha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets =D!! And a doubt!

Hey there!
This is my first post of arrivals =D today the postman have bring me THREE Pokemon packages =D!! yay!

But first, the doubt: I purcheased in Sunnyshore a pikazard before the release date (preorder) and I have no notices of it, it's normal?

And now... the gets!

This is Cherry, my eevee :3 Fluna_Daiyunel sent me from Barcelona the past year! And these are the wonderful packages =D

The first, the one that Cherry was smealing... yay! Three cute boxes from @Happyjolteon (purcheased here)

The second....

...another pink pokemon! Probabily she's a bootie, but well... it's pink (and cheap). Welcome Lola!

And the last big package... had a very small friend :3 welcome home Kikin!!

It's shiny, in silver, gold and orange:

Now my Tous bag (bear brand) it's a fox bag =D!

Hope you have liked it!
I can't wait to receive the Pikazard ;w;
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