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Hey Everyone! Gets and wants! :)

Hi guys! With school being over I'm just chillin at home. Organized a lot of my pokémon plushes a d figures in preperation for an appartment next year (can't wait!).
Anyways, here's a smallish-big gets!

Yaaaayyyy! Big whale! Mom keeps calling him Whaley, so I guess that's his name. I know that he's been posted a lot on the comm since pokemoncenter.com had him in stock, but here's another! Annnnd, dwarfed by him is the pumpkaboo spooky party petite plush!! Yaaaayyy! 2nd pumpkaboo! He's so little!! But here's a size comparison shot for all of you...v

Cause everyone knows how big a fork is..
So yep! That's them! Wailord is awesome by the way, mine was a birthday present from my brother so I didn't drop the $48 for it, but it's well worth it even if I did!

And now, onto the wants! I'm looking for... Wait for it...


(If this is your picture and you don't want it up here, tell me and I'll remove it)

Specifically I'm looking for a cheaper zukan of it or all the non attack kid figures (one of each form) I can't spend anymore than $20, so can anyone do the kids for 20 shipped? I can go a bit more, same goes for the zukan!

Thanks! I hope y'all have a great, sunshine, fun filled, honeysuckle day!
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