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A frighteningly cool plush!

Hey, everyone! Just dropping by with a very cool plush I recently received. What dangerous Pokemon lurks deep Hoenn waters? :d

A wild Sharpedo appeared! This plush was masterfully crafted by Diffeomorphism (Alex) on deviantART.

Some alternate views. It's amazing how accurately Alex captured Sharpedo's features. That "x" on its head just looks so sharp.
Did you notice the zipper on its backside? This plush has some hidden talents:

OH YEAH. If it wasn't fierce and frightening enough before, these piercing glowing eyes should do the trick! The glowing effect is much redder, brighter, and less blurry/sharper-looking in-person, I just can't into dark photos lol. OTL

This plush contains fancy wiring and lights to achieve this effect. There's a little switch on the back for it. I haven't seen many artists do things like this—honestly, Diffeomorphism is the only one I can think of!I'm sure it's a lot of work, but man it looks good.

Until I can make a nice display area for Sharpedo, it'll sit over here with the Charizard crew. You can see just how big Sharpedo is here. A good 15" from top fin to bottom fin, 10" from the tip of its nose to the back end.

Massive props to Diffeomorphism for his mad skills! He kept me very updated with his progress, too, which is something I really like when commissioning people. His commissions just closed, but definitely watch his work for more amazing stuff. I'm very fortunate to have worked with him.

Thanks so much for reading this, folks! You are all wonderful people ;v;/

Lastly, I've added a couple figures, keychains, and stickers to my sales post. Best offers are welcome!

As usual, free sketches are available for orders of $10+.
Here's a limited time offer: orders of $12+ may instead add in TWO $2 kids for free! That's a solid $4 off. :d Offer is valid until my next sales update, which will probably be late next week.

That's it for now. Good luck to everyone facing finals week! And GOOD JOB to everyone who has already lived through it, haha. <3
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