sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

✿ Tenzin's Trip to the Park! ✿

Hello everyone!~

Today, as much as it pained my heart, i had to pass up on obtaining my grail due to the seller being a potential scammer. I just can't bring myself to risk such a large amount of money on a chance that they aren't, so i guess it's more waiting for me. TnT

My boyfriend brought me and Tenzin the Linoone to the park and got me ice cream to cheer me up! I thought you guys would like these nice photos of him. c:

Also this tree has antennas? LOL xD

All of that being said; If anyone has a Banpresto Zigzagoon UFO Plush for sale, please please hit me up! I really just want my little raccoon baby! <3 :,c
On the bright side; at least now i have most of the money saved up for when he does pop up again!

Thank you for looking everyone! <3 Hopefully i'll have a happier post next time! c:
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