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Sales (Again) ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Hiya everybody! I figured that I'd give it another shot and drastically lower my prices one last time before I threw them in a lot on ebay~ ╮(─▽─)╭ I have a really cute gizamimi pichu sleeping pokedoll looking to be rehomed at a good price as well as some other stuffs!

I was granted sales permission in June 2014 by Allinia.
- I ship from California, USA packages start @ $2
- Tracking is automatically included in USA packages.
- I ship internationally as well, international packages start @ $4.30 and will get pretty high for heavier items.
- I used to ship very often but please excuse me for shipping in a strange pattern these days! :c I will let you know when something ships though (please let me know if you have an emergency and need it shipped for like a birthday present or something @-@). I ship around 1-2 times a week now for USA packages and I only ship around once a week for international packages.
- I am not responsible for any lost packages, priority mail comes with tracking + insurance but it is not the default choice for ALL items (only the bigger ones). Please tell me if you would like priority mail or first class!
- I accept haggling!
- I will hold items as long as you are committed, backing out of any committed items will result in a negative feedback ;_; sorry!
- Commitment gets priority over quotes, please be clear, commitment is "I will take ______ to ______"please provide zipcodes or area for quotes! ;v;
- PPF is not included yet
Feedback is found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kurukimi/

REMINDER THAT I'll accept haggling to a reasonable range, don't be shy but please also don't be hurt if I reject your offer. ^^

NWT Pilot Pikachu - $20
Sleeping Gizamimi Pichu PD Ripped Tag- $33 (I lowered this from 60 to 50 and then right to 33, please give Pichu a loving home)
Pokemon Omega Ruby (Played once by my friend and he didn't like it oops) - $30 SHIPPED
Takara Tomy Leafeon - $5

Talking Eevee MIP - $8
Eeveelution Cookies - $4 for the entire lot, no umbreon, glaceon, or sylveon.
Eevee Cookie Charm - $2

Thanks so much!

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