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PokemonTrader:// Secret Spring Swap Gets!

I know I'm super late getting my SSS Gets post up. My sender graciously sent it really early on in the swap timeframe, I unfortunately was still at school fighting back exams, so I had them send it to my home. That being said, once I came back home, it has been a whirlwind of events since I've returned but I finally have a chance to give this awesome gift a well-deserved post!

Rotom will help me open up this parcel! What is inside? Click behind the cut to find out!

Rotom: Inside that padded envelope is two more! Which one should I open first? Hmm... I'll go with the one on the right!

Frost Rotom: I'm free at last! Woohoo!
Rotom: Hey there! Nice to meet you! Want to open this parcel with me?
Frost Rotom: Sure!

Rotom: My goodness gracious me! Look at all these booster packs! They've scared off my new friend!
(Frost Rotom from far away): Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I'll post photos of the best pulls below!

So many reverse holos! *__* So nice!

The rares! I love the artwork on the Sylveon. Kirlia from Shiny Collection is here too!

Such nice holos! That M-Gengar EX too! Wow!!!

0fabliau you are an amazing gifter! I know I had a tough wants list, but your delivery exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much for such an amazing swap gift! I love the drawings on the note, the pulls were excellent and frost rotom has a permanent place on my shelf! :) Thanks again and sorry if I worried you for not posting sooner!

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