bulbybulbasaur (bulbybulbasaur) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Translation please?

I was hoping someone may be able to translate this tag for me. Im seeking this series of plush.

Or can anyone teach me how to translate this?

Also, I have some extra soft green and pink fabric left overs and wanted to make a small cuddly Pokemon plush.

The only one that quickly pops to mind is Hoppip. Any other suggestions for those colors?

Still seeking any applause or walky plushes I do not have. Also any Bulbasaur line or Oddish line items I do not have. I also fancy Togepi, Jigglypuff and the Bellsprout line.

As always, thanks for reading ^^
Tags: bellsprout, bulbasaur, jigglypuff, oddish, togepi
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