dokina_abetara (dokina_abetara) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My fellow pokemon lovers (intro post)

Hey there, this is my first post here at the community and want to say thanks for adding me here. Let's favorite pokemon is Houndoom without a doubt. Dark and Fire are my two favorite types, and the fusion of them into one is awesome (plush they look like the hounds from Supernatural, or remind me of them). I collect mainly plushes, though for the Houndoom/Mightyena line I'll collect anything I can. I love those two, they are a good tie for my favorite.

My current collection is below the cut. Sorry, I know it's VERY cluttered but until I get a net or some shelves for this tiny room, this is it x3

Some of my favorites in this is my grail, the Shiny Gyarados plush, and my mini grail the Shiny Karp.

Another favorite plush of mine, is this commission me and my friend got. Her favorite pokemon is Mudkip so we talked, drew up a piece, and thus Houndkip was born

I look forward to making friends with you guys. :) I'll make a wants post later this week.
Tags: introductions, plush
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