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Aliexpress update!

I FINALLY got my aliexpress order in the mail. To whoever remembers, I made a post about unreleased Jakks Pacific figures being sold on the apparently unreliable shopping site. However with only pictures to go by, a trusting sales/return policy and a MIGHTY need, I decided to risk US$15 to find out if they really did have a Jakks Pacific-brand Excadrill....or his original character "Blexcadrill".

After a month of waiting, I open my package to find out that what I got was NOT ENTIRELY as advertised.

Open the cuts below to see what I mean.







...must be a Digimon from Monster Rancher Sakura...


Three out of four ain't bad. But I got the most important figure in the bunch, and it's as real as I can make it out to be. Poseable too! But the plastic appears to be weak on some of his claws. Its horn is made entirely of that same soft plastic, likely the most fragile part in comparison and an element I've never seen any
other Jakks toy, as far as I remember.

They've even been branded appropriately. "© 2012 Pokemon, JAKKS CHINA" under Excadrill. If that isn't a mark of authenticity, I don't know what is.

And there we have it, another thumbs up for Aliexpress. Alongside slothyshroom's purchase, i guess that makes...two thumbs up?

But before I go, I just want to mention that they have ONE MORE figure in stock.

Dwebble. Available for the same price and in a lot with 3 other pokemon, but pictured WITHOUT his rock shell. Anyone willing to take the risk should take the opportunity RIGHT NOW. This may be your only chance to get this little guy.


welp...that's it. I'm off to collect grief seeds and kill monsters that are trying to bite my head off.
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