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WOOHOO I reorganized my shrews! Step inside, my darlings, into my happy yellow underground tunnel.

WARNING: hueg images under cut

First off, I got really tired of trying to find ways to better organize my flat items. Unlike many people I love flat items and try to get every one that I can. I love the drawings I get on or in packages too! So, I was holding a priority mailbox, about to throw it out, when I realized...

Well, I will show you what I made. :D

A beautiful mural of shrew art! It's got most of my favorite art (although I couldn't find some by Saana or Grrrowly I love ;;) and lots of stickers and postcards and everything else you can think of.

Now, I got an item thanks to shiny_vulpix (the first person I bought off of in the comm! :D) that is pretty fantastic and rare: nobody I told about it had ever seen or heard of it! It's an old school American Sandshrew lunchbox! It features scenes from episode 8, the main episode to ever star a Sandshrew. It only cost me $8!!!

There it is, including the thermos that came with it! I am absolutely in love with it, let me tell you. So in love that Drew the Shrew had to give up his spot as big poppa shrew to make room for it. He's sitting on my bed now. :p

Here is the right side! New items include the FINALLY found clear Sandslash kid. I love that thing like mad and am so glad I found it on Y!J. Now I just need a clear of defense curl Sandshrew kid. ...Which will probably never ever happen. XD

A few new items I've gotten (including fuzzy shrew and Sandshrew origami) are not included because I forgot to put them. Lol, me. *durr*

In other news Marki-san finished the second half of my commission:

Shiny Espeon Commission by *MarkiSan on deviantART

SO BEAUTIFUL. ;A; For those who haven't seen the first half, HAVE SUM MOAR SHREW
Tags: collection, espeon, figures, plush, sandshrew, sandslash
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