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Roaring Skies Sales + Pulls

Hello, guys. This is an update that the sales part of the roaring skies is up. It actually took not too longer than I expected it to be. All cards, except for EX's and trainers, are up for sales. If you are looking particularly for a trainer card, feel free to let me know and we can work something out. I play tcg so I hope that I can keep a playset for the playable trainer cards. Also, I would trade M Latios EX, M Gallade EX, and FA Gallade EX for M/non-Mega Rayquaza EX (Dragon Type), Shaymin EX, or a playset (4 copies) of Reshiram from Roaring Skies.

  • Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2011

  • Feedback:

  • I ship from Philadelphia, PA and ship worldwide

  • Shipping is $1 on for envelope and $3 on for bubble-mailer with tracking. This does not include fees

  • There is a minimum purchase of $3 $2 for this sales. I would adjust this threshold based on the demand.

  • Special for this sales: if you purchase a playset (4 copies) of a card, you get 50% discount on the playset. The total still meets the requirement of the minimum purchase. For example, if you buy 4 Exeggcute, the total is $1.20 and you only need to buy cards worth $1.80 to meet the minimum purchase. But at the checkout, the 4 Exeggcute would total up $0.60, half price of the original price.

Below is the spreadsheet of the cards I have. Rev? stands for the reverse cards. They are worth a little bit more than the non-reverse ones IMO.

For scans of the cards, you can utilize this site

Have fun!

So, today my box finally arrived at my house. Yesterday I expected it to come in but at the very last minute of the mail day the tracking said that Business Closed. Today I went to the post office to ask my post master and he said it was due to the unexpected large volume of packages yesterday, which I highly doubt that it would be the result of release of Roaring Skies. lol I did not expect that there are so many players in the philly. Nice!

So, I have my friend help me unboxing and there has been a myth that a new player gets better luck. I opened my first pack and pulled out a RA Hydreigon EX at once. Super awesome. We continued unpacking and my friend did not get a single EX until the last second pack of the first quarter of the box; and he let me to do it. And ... bomb!

A RA M Rayquaza EX (Dragon Type). I think I could have seen the disappointing expression on his face because it was his time to pull that pack and he let me do it for him. Anyway, all cards are mine. lol (I do offer him to pick some holo cards at the end of our pulls but he kindly rejected. Nice dude)

Onto the second quarter of the packs. Again, he receded and I chose a pack at his turn and pull out a FA Gallade EX. And on my next turn I nabbe a RA Rayquaza EX (Dragon Type), so I have achieved one EX evolution line. He pulled out the Extended Art (EA) Dragonite and holo rare Salamence.

After the break,
he decided to change the strategy of picking up the packs and just did it randomly. And, surprisingly the luck did go to his side. Below are all pulled by him for the third quarter, including a RA M Latios EX, a second Dragonite, and a reverse holo rare Zekrom.

Seeing 4 RA EX, and 1 FA EX, I am pretty happy of the result. However, my friend is not happy enough because he only pulled out 1 RA EX, so he insisted to do the rest before going home. And his sincerity did break the curse, and a FIFTH EX popped up, which turned out to be a RA M Gallade EX. I have got two evolution line from the box and I am super excited about the pulls thanks to my friend. And yea, he pulled out the holo rares in the picture below as well. I think he is pretty good at aiming for holo rares.

I might want to trade the Latios and Gallade line for some Rays of dragon type or Shaymin if I do not ask too more of it. But I am still pending about this decision because I want to see how it really works to play a deck with it. I do have a lot of commons, uncommons, rares, and reverse foil cards that I might put up a sales post later this week. There would be a minimum purchase but it would not be too much. Hopefully I could put up one because I have never done a big sales post like this before.

Thank you for your reading so far and stay tuned for my sales post of ROS.
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