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Small Gets Post


This is just a small gets post for some items I've gotten recently. Finally able to show them now that exams are over. It includes an item that actually led me to join this community in the first place. It was my "grail" before I ever heard such a term used, although it may seem ordinary to you fine folks - but I just couldn't find them anywhere except 1 private collector who hadn't updated her site in years... but I finally found not only 1 but several, and so, with the help of a kind middleman I met on eBay, I bought a pair! She also got me an item I couldn't find anywhere else either that I needed to complete a certain set of mine. Please see below the fold!

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First, the items that led me here: The 2012 Pokemon Center Poison-Type Clearfile!! Gosh I cannot tell you how hard it was to find these! I kept searching on eBay,, and other sites.. they eventually appeared there several weeks ago, but the seller didn't speak English and wouldn't ship to the U.S., so I had to enlist the help of my eBay friend. I also got the Roxie and Peeking Croagunk files from Pokevault to round out my clearfile collection (for now!).
photo 3.JPG

Next are these PokeCen Trubbish-Garbodor charms! They were the last pair I needed to have a charm set for all poison-type Pokemon! My next task is to get all of those with alternate poses between the 2009 Johto and 2011 National releases. Most don't have an alternate pose, but a few do, like Gloom, Golbat, Gengar, and the Bulbarsaur line. I have the Johto Gloom charm (but not the National yet!) and I have the Golbat one one the way, but some I feel will be quite a long shot, such as Gengar. Oh well - I'm sure you guys know how it feels.
photo 1.JPG

And here are some lovely items I got from fellow members (mostly)! First, I loooove the Skrelp-Dragalge 3DS XL pouch I got from slothyshroom. I actually made a minor modification though - the Skrelp charm attached to the zipper originally had a blue bell attached to it, but I used a purple and a green star instead, which are much more visible. I have many of them leftover from when I made modifications to the Trainer Ice Cream charms I got before joining this community. I'll post a pic of them below. Also included here is a zukan base I got from mercurrix (along with a kind little Nidoran sketch), and a Raichu PokeCen charm I got from classypersian, who was so kind to do a similar drawing note with lovely Poison-Poke drawings! ^-^ I also got the Koffing card sleeves, which were apparently given out at a TCG event, from ahs_satoshi. It's styled as a poster advertisement for Roxie's band - wish they made an English version. However, the package the sleeves are contained in was a generous gift from pegasus2010 :) Finally that little Mega Venusaur was a throw-in from my eBay middleman friend!
photo 2.JPG

This is a charm I bought after being inspired by a chat with o_0digitizdx_x - I really feel that this is a magnificent Pokemon that people underappreciate (certainly the merch makers do so underappareciate it!). A living fossil that hasn't changed in 100 million years? Absolutely stunning, just as the real thing is.. the Coelacanth.
photo 4.JPG

And here are those Trainer cone charms I mentioned earlier that I originally bought the stars for.
photo 1(2).JPG

Anyway thanks for viewing and for being the awesome comm that you are!!

Thank you!
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