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the Falkner's cosplayers b-day post :3

You all know that i am now 21 ;D I got a moped and stuff so I got news on my brithday witch have pokemon and non pokemon news ^_^
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Picture run :3
Pokemon news
I got Rawing skys :3 at game stop
My ho-oh came in :3
Game stop also wouldn't give my the box for the newest booster box :(
The 21 Plush with pics <3
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Cosplay News :3
So I am a big Pokemon fan I been also cosplaying as pokemon and tales charters these pics are Selfies but I love Cosplaying <3
What I am going to do is go to the world turnamate on augest News and be Falkner and a leafeon I found browning the internet.

My weird Commotions
Okay after seeing a pic on the internet.... I really want a tales Character charm with a poke mon :3
I only can afford one but these are the ones I am thinking about
Sorey and Charzard y
Grune and goomy *cough* I am the comic writer :3
Pascal and Garbidor
Jade in teams rockets gear :3
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