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A new buddy! + Megabloks for trade and grabbys for sale!! :D

 Hi guys, I'm here with a new mate I added to my collection. Some weeks ago thedaftlynx sent me a link with a funny plush really cheap, it was hilarious so I bidded on it and I won it... What could it be? All the Politoeds seem really interested on it...

El nuevo Poli es raro #Pokemon #politoed #collection
?: -Hello, I'm Politoed
?: -I'm a new Poli, yeeeeeeeees~
Prof. Potato: -I think you're not a Politoed...
UFO: -Well, the last one looked weird too...
Custom: -I'M NOT WEIRD, I'M JUST... fatty...
?: -Look at my red eyes...
Jakks: -Alright, this is awkward...

-... Ehm, I think I'll call you, NOT-POLI
Not-Poli: -But I'm a Poli! :D
-Just shut up... please...

It seems that it's a plush of Green Smydra of Monster Strike but he looks a lot like Politoed even with his tiny fingers xD It's super cool to have it with my Politoed like one more of the family (anyway, there is a Caterpie too with them xD). You can see some better photos over here:

TRADES: Does someone would be interested on trade any of these megablocks for a Vulpix or Houndoom ones?
I should get the first lot this week, the other one will take still some weeks but I wanted to try. I think I'll sell them too on the future and I'll auction the rare ones but if you're really interested on any, or you'd like to trade any other thing with me, let me know! ^^

SALES/GETS: I got some packages with a Bayleef grabby that I added on my collection, you can see all my grabbys (SUPER proud of Politoed and Quilava <3) but my boyfriend have a few more Slowpoke, Totodile, Mudkip and Sneasel too! the point is that Bayleef arrived with two more so Croagunk and Pikachu are for sale!! They are 5$ each!

Grabby guys #Pokemon #collection #mareep #politoed #bayleef #charizard #quilava #cyndaquil
Tags: gets, sales, trading
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