shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Roaring Skies TCG Trades (Sales?)

I was finally able to find the Roaring Skies set at a store near me. I got 4 3 duplicates total from the booster packs that I bought:

I would like to trade them for any card I don't have from the set, or an older set. I don't care for the trainer cards that much so they are lower priority though. They are all normal versions,not reverse holos. I will sell the commons for $0.25 and the uncommon for $0.35 (or I will sell all three for $0.85, not including shipping).

Note: If I don't have a card you have on my wish-list,thats okay! I may still be looking for it I just didn't put it on there because it would take forever to post each and every card that I don't own. I will accept duplicates of Poochyena and Mightyena cards as well.

You can see all the other cards I have available here:

I have four code cards for the online tcg that I am giving away for free, if you are interested please comment here or PM me.
Tags: electrike, spearow, taillow, tcg, trading
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