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Permanent English TCG Sales Post

This is where I'm going to keep all of my permanent TCG sales information. I'll update and relink this post as more cards become available.

Rules are as follows:

General Sales Rules
- Sales permission granted on March 20, 2015 by areica96
- All standard PKMNCollectors rules apply
- Feedback link:
- Will not sell to non-members/banned members
- Will only accept USD through PayPal as payment
- Orders WILL NOT SHIP until full payment is received
- I will negotiate prices, but please be reasonable (they're already pretty cheap to begin with)
- Shipping costs are non-negotiable

Condition Grading
All of my cards are listed as Near Mint Condition, meaning they might have extremely minor and hardly noticeable edge wear, scratches, etc.

NONE of my cards are listed as Mint Condition. Many are fresh from booster packs, but even pack-fresh cards have slight imperfections. These are not professionally graded cards. If you are looking for Mint Condition, look elsewhere.

All of my cards are graded based on the front of the card only. If you are concerned about condition, it is your responsibility to request a close-up picture of the card. Otherwise, I will assume the condition shown is acceptable, and you will have no recourse should you deem the card's condition to be unsatisfactory upon arrival.

Pokemon TCG Prices
- Basic Energies: $0.10
- Commons: $0.25
- Reverse-Holo Commons: $0.35
- Uncommons: $0.50
- Reverse-Holo Uncommons: $0.65
- Rares: $0.75
- Reverse-Holo Rares: $0.85
- Holo Rares: $0.95
- EXs: $5.00
- BREAKs: $5.00
- Full Arts: $10.00
- LEGENDs: $10.00
- Secret Rares: $15.00

Shipping Rules
- Cards will be shipped in a standard mail envelope for $1.00
- A bubble-mailer can be requested instead of the standard envelope for $2.00
- International shipping costs will vary depending on location
- Cards will always be shipped in a penny sleeve AND a top-loader

Trading Rules
- I am willing to trade any card I have for any card I don't have, in lieu of sales.
- I am only collecting English cards, so please don't offer me anything else.

I have a full-breed german shepherd, and she sheds like crazy, but she is not allowed in the same room where I keep my cards. That said, there is still a possibility that allergens may travel along with shipment, so if you are EXTREMELY allergic to dogs, you might not want to order anything from me.

Without further ado (click images to enlarge them)...

Last Updated: October 10, 2016

Base Set



Base Set 2

Gym Heroes

Gym Challenge

Neo Genesis

Neo Discovery

Neo Revelation


EX Ruby & Sapphire

EX Sandstorm

EX Dragon

EX Fire Red & Leaf Green

EX Deoxys

EX Trainer Kit 2 (Plusle & Minun)

POP Series 2

EX Unseen Forces

EX Dragon Frontiers

EX Power Keepers

Diamond & Pearl

2008 World Championships - Paul Atanassov

Legends Awakened

Supreme Victors

Heart Gold & Soul Silver



Black & White

Emerging Powers

Noble Victories

Next Destinies

Dark Explorers

Boundaries Crossed

Plasma Storm

Plasma Freeze

Plasma Blast

XY Promos

Legendary Treasures

Kalos Starter Set



Furious Fists

2014 World Championships - Andrew Estrada

2014 World Championships - Haruto Kobayashi

2014 World Championships - Michikazu Tsuda

2014 World Championships - Trent Orndorff

Phantom Forces

Primal Clash

Double Crisis

Roaring Skies

Ancient Origins

2015 World Championships - Alejandro Ng-Guzman

2015 World Championships - Jacob Van Wagner

2015 World Championships - Patrick Martinez

2015 World Championships - Rowan Stavenow




Fates Collide

Steam Siege

Unnumbered Energies

Thanks for looking :)

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