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trying to complete emerald break set!

Hi everyone! With the recent release of the Roaring Skies TCG set in North America, I feel even more compelled to try to complete my Japanese Emerald Break set. I'm extremely new to the TCG scene, so Emerald Break was the first set I'd ever purchased a full booster box for (though I did used to spend my allowance money on English TCG booster packs at the store when I was a kid lol). Although I was thoroughly satisfied with my pulls (full-art Winona is absolutely stunning <3), I'm still missing quite a few of the rarer cards.

022/078 Thundurus EX
030/078 Gallade EX
031/078 Mega Gallade EX
035/078 Jirachi
043/078 Dragonite
047/078 Salamence
049/078 Mega Latios EX
050/078 Hydreigon EX
061/078 Rayquaza EX

I'd like to get my hands on these cards as well, so long as the price is reasonable/within my budget:
079/078 Thundurus EX
080/078 Gallade EX
081/078 Mega Gallade EX
082/078 Latios EX
083/078 Mega Latios EX
084/078 Hydreigon EX
085/078 Rayquaza EX
086/078 Mega Rayquaza EX
087/078 Shaymin EX
089/078 Wally
090/078 Energy Switch
091/078 VS Seeker

I'm also looking for the promo Shiny Rayquaza card. I'm kind of bummed I missed out on the promotion (I had 6 of the point cards, but couldn't find a middleman at the time to mail them in).
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