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I went to Toys-r-us today to get the special Dragonite and I also decided to get some Pokemon cards since it's been ages and I've gotten into Pokemon cards again recently. Well, I'm looking at the cards and the girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted a Dragonite since the event was ending very soon, and I told her I'd already gotten mine, then I noticed the shaymin charm on her DS was the same one I had on mine! So I showed her and she mentioned Pokemon Collectors. I was like "I'm a member :O" and it turns out...I had just unwittingly met fernchu! OMG how awesome was that :D it's a small world ^^ but man, that was SO awesome :DDD

I really pulled some awesome cards today :D including one I've been wanting! Pics under the cut. I just had to tell about this day =D

049.jpg picture by Twilmer

HOLO TOGEKISS =DDDD I've been WANTING this card! and in the same pack...Togetic (togepi was in another pack) what are the chances? I was so uber happy about this X3

050.jpg picture by Twilmer

The three packs came with a promo Raichu. That Gyrados is beyond awesome and I love that Pikachu. The others were the random holos.

Some other cards I really liked:

051.jpg picture by Twilmer

These cards I don't want (minus Delibird, dunno why he's in the shot again XD) so if anyone has been looking for these or something, just make an offer or trade for something little ^^

052.jpg picture by Twilmer
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