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A bird? A plane? No, it's super-Zard!

Hello my fellow collectors~

Today I bring you amazing, amazing news! As if the end of the semester could not get any better, my holiest of holy grails popped up right after the last day of classes! On eBay no less!

A giant box arrives. Who could it be?!

After a year-long search, I can finally share the story. I first joined the community about a year ago (May 28th 2014 to be exact >:3). My dad had given me an 18" Play-By-Play Charizard for my high school graduation in 2012 and I fell in love. I'm not sure what it is about the PBP's but, honestly, they're my favorite line of plush. I just adore them and once I found out that there were plushies bigger than 18" out there, I had to go on a search for the giant Charizard. I saw pictures, read old pkmncollectors' posts and knew that this would be my one and only holy grail, especially because I found him more appealing than the Heartland 'Zard tbh.

After a good amount of time searching eBay daily and driving to and from garage sales and thrift stores hoping someone would be giving him up, I lost hope. I realized this may be a grail that I look for under the radar and started to focus on other parts of my collection. Some time passed and I got a mesage from someone on the comm asking if I would like to buy their gaint PBP charizard. I thought "this is it!" and asked them how much they wanted for him. Little did I know that this guy could go for over $500 if in really good condition, so I had to pass only having saved up about $150 for him. That was a huge downer because I realized then how expensive this baby might be and how long it would take me to save up the cash.

I've always heard stories of people who won rare items from eBay for super cheap because the seller didn't know the true value, but to me, it was just too good to be true. But, I continued to search eBay everyday until I found this wonderous creature for a decent price. After a long, hard day of class, I came home and decided to browse eBay like I usually did while relaxing. Low and behold, the firts plush on my page smacked me like a ton of bricks. 32 inch PlayByPlay Charizard up for auction for FIFTY DOLLARS!?!?! I freaked out so hard, I nearly gave my boyfriend a heart attack. I couldn't risk sitting on a weeklong auction page in a bid-war with some other collector, so I messaged the seller and asked them if they would accept a BIN of $100. To my surprise, they did! Oh, boy was I happy! Within a week, this big guy was at my mom's doorstep and now he's right where he belongs, taking up half my couch xD<3

All stiff after a week of travel...

POP GOES THE CHARIZARD! Hello Friend<3 oh how I've been searching for you 0.0

You get your own chair, Mr. 'Zard<3
I can't get over how great of a deal I got. He's really in pristine condition for a plush his age!

Here he is compared to the 18" PBP Zard. He's so amazingly huge it's unbelieveable.

That's all I have for now~
Stay tuned for updates after I restuff the big guy ;D
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