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PokeCen Pickups May 2015

Hello collectors~!! I hope everyone is having a good week ☆

Here is the post you've all been waiting for, my PokeCen pickup information for this month! (Okay maybe not *all* of you, but the five or so people who have been asking....)

I am always open for Pokemon Center requests -- below are the items that I think people will be most interested in, but I am open to picking up anything else as well :) (My only request for you is to not solely ask for newly released goods that are readily available on import sites such as Sunyshore, etc., my service is aimed to help collectors get older promotions, custom-made products, and harder-to-obtain items in general)

Important Stuff:
* Sales permission granted in 2008
Feedback is located here
Sales rules are here & pickup information is here

[Basic Overview of Rules]Here are the basics, but please read the full version too:

★ Your pickup is not confirmed until I receive a clear commitment.

★ Most of the time, I can only give a rough estimate of shipping before the pickup is complete. You cannot cancel your order if shipping ends up being higher than you expected (because I already bought everything!)

★ Shipping is automatically calculated by the weight of your package, but sometimes the calculator makes a mistake, and since I am shipping many things at once I will not catch it. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think there was a problem with your shipping payment after your package arrives. I am never intentionally trying to swindle anyone with shipping!!!!

★ Lost Air Mail packages will receive a refund of commission fees and an offer to replace the order at retail price. EMS packages are fully insured against loss.

Okay, here we go with current availability of stuff:

(Click to enlarge)

Custom-made Phone Cases: The only way to get these special cases is by a custom order with the PokeCen! All are $32 shipped each, except for iPhone6 Plus cases, which are $35 shipped. Orders for these will be open until June 13th, and because they are special orders cannot be combined with anything else.  More information can be found on my blog post here! The following phone types are available:

iPhone 5/5s
iPhone 5c
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
Xperia Z3
Xperia Z3 Compact

Please specify your phone type & the number of your desired design.

Mega Size Pikazards: Giant Pikazards are $150 shipped EMS, and I can take one-two orders at a time! (I prefer not to pick up normal & mascot size Pikazards on their own but would be potentially willing to add them to an existing order)

PokeMikke: I will continue to take requests for PokeMikke goods but please be aware that the stock is very poor and it's unlikely for me to be able to get most things. I will try though! Price information can be found here.

I Love Eevee: These aren't Pokemon Center pickups of course, but I am taking running lists of people interested in waves 2 and 3 of the I Love Eevee keychain plush. They are $16 each ($20 shipped). Stock is not guaranteed since they are arcade prizes but I will do my best! I also have some extra Leafeons and Glaceons on hand for the same price :)

Wave 3 (Espeon, Umbreon, Sylveon) will not be released until June 4th but I'll start my list now! There is a possibility that Sylveons may be a couple of dollars higher than the others but if so it will be made clear to you before committing/paying :)

***I LOVE EEVEE UPDATE 5/17*** I successfully got EVERYONE'S wave 2 (Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon) plush and have a couple of extra Vaporeons and Jolteons. I don't have any plans to catch more of wave 2 at the moment but feel free to express interest in case I get my hands on some more.

***I LOVE EEVEE UPDATE #2 5/20*** Wave 2 plush are disappearing from machines and my wave 3 lists are incredibly long, so I'll be cutting off slots for now. My extras can be found for sale on the Poketopia webstore.  Thanks so much!!  

Again, please feel free to ask for things not listed above as well :)  Thanks so much for reading & for your interest!  Happy collecting!
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