clicky797 (clicky797) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Show me the Tomy!

I finally found a Nidorino Tomy! :'D So that means I now only have one last first gen figure to track down! Which one is it? Ditto? Electrode? Nidoqueen? No actually, it's Weepinbell. But I've found a couple of sellers who either have him or are getting him, so my collection is just days away from being complete! XD So to mark this momentous occassion, I thought I'd ask other Tomy collectors to share pictures of their collections! :) I'm a little tight for space, so was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for how you display your Tomy figures? Let me know! :) Here is my collection below.

These are photos I took when I first joined the community, so I have had plenty of new additions since then that I haven't had a chance to photograph yet! XD Most notably Fake Ditto and Fake Machoke have been replaced with real ones, and the second photo has gotten a lot more crowded! :/ I was thinking of getting one of those plastic stands you see in shops to try make the second photo two-tiered and therefore have more room for them all, but I don't know where to get those from or what they're called! :/  

Please share your collections and suggestions in the comments! :) Thanks! :)
Tags: collection, figures, tomy, weepinbell
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