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gets galore, sales, and wants!

I went on a spending spree not too long ago. I blame happyjolteon XD I received a package from them a couple days ago and decided to post some before and after pictures of my Zoroark figure collection.

Before: Look how adorable my collection was!

Now: Oh my God they are taking over!

My wallet hates me but I'm so happy with how my collection is turning out :D Thank you so much happyjolteon! I'll be leaving you feedback soon :)

I also got some other things!

Death the Buizel Kid: What's in the box Mommy?
Me: Why don't you look :)

Kid: *gasps* Is this for me Mommy!?
Me: Haha sure XD

Kid: A new friend :D
Victini: I'm not the only one either ;)

Victini: See!
Kid: Oh my goodness, look Mommy, there's a boxful of them!

I won a Victini lot from ckoizumi because I wasn't sure which Victini plush I wanted (besides the 1:1 Tohoku one of course) and I saw this as an opportunity to figure out which Victini plush I liked best. They're all very cute but one caught my eye moreso than the rest...

Look at how precious the Canvas Victini is! I love him so much, he is by far my favorite!

Updated sales!:


Thanks for looking :D
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