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Gets + wants!

Hi people! I've managed to accumulate a few more gets that I'd like to share with you. It's been a month since my last post here- I really need to sort that out aha.


So I purchased this little lot of figures, for just one very special one indeed...

no title

Aaaah the TOMY Absol! I'm so glad I found the listing. I in fact already have one of these, apart from the tail and scythe is snapped off- which seems to be a very common case from what I've seen. These are quite hard to come across nowadays, apparently. He has movable legs, too! This one is a little marked up, though I'm sure I'll find something to clean it off.

no title

These adorable flats! And some candy. :) It's probably expired, so of course it'll be for display purposes aha. I didn't even know Absol had a Trozei sticker, so I'm very thankful for pkmnexcavation for selling this lot to me. <3

no title

The Mega Absol key strap that I finally picked up from Ebay. It's really beautiful and I often ask to myself why I didn't buy it earlier. Also, this cute little Mega Absol Gacha Keychain. Thanks so much to clicky797 for helping me get it!

And now for my wants. I'm seeking a few more Leafeon items to help out my rather sad collection ha ha. :') I am, for now, only looking for official items. I'm not interested in flats and TCG at the moment, and I don't have much money right now so I'll probably only be purchasing a couple of things.

Here's a few of my things so you have a idea of what I already have. <3

no title

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!
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