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Party Guest, Gifts, and More!

I had a very special Party guest waiting for me at the mailbox today~

(Picture Heavy Warning!)

Big Miss attended the welcoming ceremony.

Ok, some paper, but where's the guest?


Awww yeah, Happy Party Time Sylveon!
Man, aside form Big Miss, easily the hardest plush of Sylveon to track down for a good price. I have kozinu to thank for alerting me about her, and Amuletmoon for selling her to me!

She has quite a bit of decoration, too.

The tag is beautiful too- I wish we saw more stuff with the pose Sylveon's in on the back of it.

And now she's at home with the rest of the guests. <3

Now for a few things that arrived earlier!

So my friend got me two nice things for my birthday back in April.

They were...

Espeon and Umbreon purses!

These guys are super cute.

The tags are also pretty nice.

And they have really nice linings! Espeon's is a little more pink in person.

A+ on these- I'd recommend getting them, either for your collection or as a cute accessory!

A cute little pika on the side!

Yep, got myself some packing peanuts! Oh wait, there's something underneath them...

Yeah, Talky Eevee and Cookie strap from kurukimi!

The Eevee Cookie strap is another I'd recommend- it's got such cute detail. <3 I'm looking for its Sylveon partner now!

The back of Talky's package- I want this as a tiled pattern!

AND a comparison between old Talky ('98 Hasbro) and new Talky. Big leaps and bounds in improvement, ey?

So many gets this week~ >w<

Also! I updated my sales- lots of figures, a few plush, and a weird Mirage Pikachu.
I'm open to trade anything from my sales for Sylveon/Eevee/Vaporeon stuff too.

Click the banner above or here to visit my sales!
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