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Collection update.

Hi there, it's been awhile since I posted my last entry so here's my detailed collection~

First of all, my main collection which is Shaymin Sky Forme. As for today I have 30 goodies with him which includes 4 custom things.

Skymin main collection

Next, the close up on the center.

clouse up collection

Ane the close up on my mini shelf with figurines. You can spot a custom Skymin magnet which is made by me. I'm pretty proud of him. OuO


I love the little picture of Shaymins and little Skymin charm from castform, she's amazing.

piccy and charm

And I want to show you my recently made Skymin Bellplush~ I'm still a bit of lame when it comes to make a plushies but I think he looks nearly like if he was an original one. I'm going to buy some velvet so the next bell plushie will look even more reliable~


He actually has a real matching bell which is attached to him.


Here goes my other collection:

Random stuff there, I rearanged the shelf because I moved my Chimchar things into a separate shelf. And looks like that Pikachu dangling charm doesn't want to show its face to you. :C

other collection

And there's my newly formed Chimchar collection. It's still a bit small because I collect him only if I found any cheap merchandise with him so... Maybe after my birthday I'll get more of it. And because of castform I have that fantastic Chimchar pillow cube. OuO

chimchar collection

Last photo of today's entry: an extra small Landmin collection with dreadful custom bell plush. D:

landmin collection

Btw. I have some pogs and bottle tops from first generation of Pokemon for sell. If you're interested just leave a comment here and I'll send you the photo of the stuff~

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