mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pika Bug Sighting!

Havint post in while. Hey guys!!

So most of yall are familiar with the Pikabug. Only 10 or so were made, then out of those 10 very few actually remained Pikabugs. They were turned back to regular bugs to sell. Well My local friend posted this pictures of Facebook and I wanted to get more info on it.

As you can tell, has some damage. But from when I went to Pokecon in 2013 this one is different from the ones I saw.

The biggest thing is the logo on the side. The Pokecon ones have just the original Pokemon logo while the one spotted in Richmond, VA (my hometown) has a (very faded) Pokemon the Movie logo. I also noticed that the color is a little bit different. My friend talked with the owners who were a middle aged couple who said they had had the car for around 15 years.

I just wanted to get some more info regarding it; I know pikafreakrachel owns one of the ones I saw at the con. But other than that I am fangirling that there was a Pikabug down the street from my house!

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