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The Most Expensive Mudkip Ever! and something else....

Hello Everyone!

i was browsing ebay a bit today and i found this Mudkip plush. now i know it it s a bit of a rare plush. but not THAT RARE!

also, i was organizing my pictures on my computer yesterday and i found pictures that where taken at the 10th Anniversary Pokemon Tour that toured around in 2006. I went to the one in New Mexico in March 2006. i thought you would enjoy some pictures from the event:) there is one that has to do with collectors, sort of. you will see:D

Giant Pikachu!

Leaning blow up Torchic:)

I have always really liked the logo they made for the anniversary. Pikachu is so cute!

Back when Trozei and Pokemon XD where new. oh and there are no people around because i worked the event and got in before the public was able to! i taught people how to play the card game. It was a lot of fun. i got a full box plus a few extra packs for the fruits of my labor!:D

Wow, Gameboy Advance SP with Emerald!

They had tvs showing old episodes of the show. it was neat to see the old episodes:)

This is the picture i was talking about that is sort of applies to this community. LOOK AT THAT GAINT TYRANITAR plush that little girls is just hanging on! only if she knew how rare and valuable that plush is.....and those poor other plush just laying face down.....;_; wonder where they are today......?

Well thats it. hope you all enjoyed! i hope to post a collection update sometime soonish. just mostly laziness at not doing it sooner......:D

Have a great day/night everyone!

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