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TCG trades / sales

Hi guys! I have a bunch of TCG cards I'd like to trade or sell. This post might be extended when I sort throguh more of my cards, but this is what I have for now.

- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 22 SEP 2014.
- All community rules apply.
- My feedback can be seen here:
- No banned or non members and anyone who has negative feedback!
- Paypal only

- Shipping is from
Germany. I ship worldwide.
- I live in a clean and smoke-free home. My pet gerbils don’t touch my items. But be aware that they lose tiny hairs if you’re allergenic.

- Prices are in USD.
- Prices do not included fees, shipping or shipping materials. I’ll always try to recycle shipping material though, if that is of concern, please let me know.
- I’ll ship your items out when payment is cleared. Note that I’m a slow shipper. It can take several days or one week.
- Once a package is out of my hands at the post office, I’m no longer responsible for it in case it gets damaged or lost. If you want tracking added, please inquire.

- Payment is required within
24 hours after I gave you a total; but if there is a good reason I can extend it. Just tell me along with your order and before I give the total.
- Asking for a quote is fine. In case of a quote, please tell me within time if you’d like the item or not.
- If payment is not sent within time, negative feedback will be left and I’ll pass on to other people that are interested.

- I'll reply to all comments in the order they were left. Commitments won't get priority over quotes since the comments might be mixed with questions concerning a trade.

- Don’t back out of a sale after you’ve committed to something. Otherwise, I’ll have to leave negative feedback.
- Feel free to leave me feedback once your items have arrived. I’ll do the same for you then.

I have the following cards up for sale / trade.
Most of them are in very good condition. Trainer cards are 0,05 USD, Commons are 0,20 USD, uncommons 0,50 USD each.
The exceptions are Ivysaur (10cts) and Gyarados (40cts) since they're damaged.
Vibrava is holo. Duplicates of some cards are available. Not sure if the Anorith card is legit.
I'd like a common card for a common card, an uncommon card for a uncommon card and a holo card for a holo card.

Ralts (common) / Swablu (common) / Teddiursa (common) / Meditite (common) /
Snorlax left (rare) / Snorlax right (common) / Pliprup (uncommon)

Roaring Skies = Emerald Break



I also have 25 Dark, 22 Water,13 Psychic, 14 Fire, 10 Fairy, 6 Plant and 5 Fighting Energy Cards. All of them are for sale only. Take all of them for 2USD.

My wants: When it comes to a trade, I'd probably trade for any card I don't have yet. I don't care about specific languages. However, I like best cards of Rattata, Raticate, dragons, Eeveelutions, dogs and cats and Tanhel. I'd like cards with a similar good condition to the ones I'm offering.

I'm missing these Rattata cards:
- Rattata No. 019 (japanese only)
- Lt. Surge’s Rattata 92/132 [Gym Heroes]
- Lt. Surge’s Rattata 85/132 [Gym Challenge]
- Rattata 128/165 [Expedition]
- Rattata 71/109 [Ex Team Rocket Returns]
- Rattata 72/109 [Ex Team Rocket Returns]
- Rattata 15/16 [Pokemon Rumble]
- Rattata 104/149 [Boundaries Crossed]

I'm missing these Raticate cards:
- Lt. Surge’s Raticate 53/132 [Gym Challenge] found!
- Raticate 6/18 [Southern Islands]
- Raticate 48/112 [Ex Firered & Leafgreen]
- Dark Raticate 17/109 [Ex Team Rocket returns]
- Raticate 29/99 [Arceus]
- Raticate 34/90
- Raticate 105/149

I recently found a funny Yugioh card at a fleamarket. It might be of interest for all the Espeon collectors out there. I mean, the card shows an Espeon in the middle, right? XD I thought this was just too funny :)

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