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Sales - mini cards

Sales! I've got some cool vintage mini card sets, new plush, and figures.

Sales policy:
-Sales permission granted in March 2015 by areica96.
-Prices do not include shipping, but do include PayPal fees.
-PayPal only - sent as goods/services - protects buyer and seller.
-Buyer must pay within 24 hours, unless other arrangements are made.
-I ship from NH USA within 2 days of cleared payment.
-Free tracking number for packages within the US.
-Will ship internationally.
-Insurance is extra, please ask for prices.
-I do reuse packing material when I can to cut down on shipping costs for buyers. Items are packed well!
-First buyer to commit gets the item. I do not hold for quotes.
-Items from a smoke free home, but I do have cats/dogs.
-Will not sell to banned members.

My feedback:

Vintage Pokemon mini cards. I have 5 lots, there are different types of cards. From left to right: clear plastic, normal, foil. If you just buy one of these shipping in bubble envelope is $2.25. I can also mail one of these in an envelope if I flatten the box. ALL SOLD

Blastoise lot A ($5) SOLD

Blastoise lot B ($5) SOLD

Venusaur lot ($5) SOLD

Mew lot -orange highlighter on box ($5) SOLD

Charizard lot ($5) SOLD

Golem coin ($1)
If you want the case it's free, but will cost a little more to ship.

Reshiram DS case- used ($4)

Pikachu backpack ($20 shipped within the U.S.)
More pictures:

Diamond/Pearl party cardboard standee- bag is a little worn ($4)
Back pic:

Lickilicky Jakks ($5) // Misdreavus Jakks ($4) // Poochyena Basic Fun keychain ($10)

Zorua Jakks Plush ($18)SOLD
Hang tag is not perfect, here's another picture:

X&Y GameStop pre order poster ($3)

Treecko Tomy figure - has marks ($2)

Leftover 151 15th anniversary pins! ($1.25 each):
kakuna, beedrill, pidgey, raticate, spearow, nidoqueen, psyduck , golduck, mankey, primeape, poliwrath, Weepinbell, Victreebel , tentacool, graveler, golem, rapidash, magneton, farfetchd, dodrio, muk, cloyster, kingler, voltorb, exeggcute, exeggutor, marowak, lickitung, rhyhorn, electabuzz, Magmar, pinsir, porygon , omastar, kabuto, kabutops

Dratini friends plush w tush tag ($18)
Psyduck friends plush w tush tag ($8)

Cyndaquill plush ($4)
Bootleg? It looks like the trainers choice plush, but the material is not as nice, no tush tag.

Pokedex book ($2)
Up to Gen 3

Bandages tin ($3)

Bandages! (I can mail these in a reg envelope if this is all someone is getting)
All ($1) each
Giratina red
Giratina blue
Palkia and dialga
Lucario and friends

Daizanshu Book gold mini model figures
Flareon ($5)
Jolteon ($8)

Mini models
Persian clear Red ($2)
Porygon Mint($2)
Nidoran F clear Red ($2)
Spearow Shimmer Blue ($2) SOLD

KFC Seel all tags($5)
Shellos Jakks TTO ($4)
Cherrim Jakks TTO ($4)
Shorlax Hasbro bean bag TTO ($2) SOLD
Pikachu to Pokeball zip plush ($5)

Lickilicky Toy Factory hang tag bent ($10)
Poliwhirl Hasbro TTO ($4) SOLD

Jolteon MPC all tags ($15)
Jolteon Pokedoll 2005 US version TTO loved ($17) SOLD

Jakks figures (most have marks- feel free to ask questions)
Kricketot ($3), Bonsley ($3), Piplup many marks, missing tail(0.50 or free with purchase), Drifloon ($5), Buizel ($2), Raichu ($8), Sandile ($3), Pikachu ($3), Turtwig many marks- paint rubs (0.50 or free with purchase), Pachirisu ($3), Ponyta ($8)

Hitmonchan, Kadabra mini snowboards ($3 each)

Japanese Mini Herb pot(gashapon items?)
Marrill (has paint imperfection) - ($4)

Subway Master Card Sleeves ($20)

Dice (Jolteon/Sableye/Swanna/Beartic/Red Genesect/Breloom)($4)
Jolteon Battrio Coin ($2)

Clips: Flareon, Glaceon ($4 each)

Pikachu metal keychain ($1)

Action cap pencil with extra disks ($2) has: Zapdos, Charizard, Pikachu, Blastoise, Venusaur

Board game pieces: Gary/Arcanine, Lance/Dragonite, Agatha/Gengar, Lorelei/Lapras, Bruno/Machamp (0.50 each)

X and Y Clearfile Featured Pokemon: Samurott, Emboar, Serperior, Reshiram, Kyurem, Zekrom ($5)

Zekrom/Reshiram ($1), Subway Masters/Gym Leaders Pokemon Mate Stickers, Dragonair $.50, Slowpoke $.50, Nidorino $.50, Scyther $.50, Dewgong $.50

2 small very loved Snorlax plush. Keychains?
Left one is gone.
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