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Grail get!!! and gets post

Hi everyone ^.^
I thought I would share some of my latest gets which include a Grail which I recently got off eBay for quite a good price :)
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First off my Grail get...
It's the 1:1 Pokemon center Victini plush ^.^ I was so happy when I saw it on eBay and at its price too, I never thought I would be able to obtain it this quickly :)
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I named her Mitsuki. Here she is with her 7inch counterpart Masato.
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And here she is with Sora the 18inch tomy plush and nyanko-sensei staring out >.<
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On to other gets which include Rin the canvas plush which is so tiny! I have never owned a canvas plush before so the size surprised me. Also there is Rei the jakks plush and the 2014 kid and a soothing bell Victini memo pad.
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And to finish off a picture of all my newest plushes together ^.^
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Thank you for reading ^.^
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