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Turquoise like the ocean /Updated TCG trades/sales

Look what I got - these awesome customs :D They're my first curstom plushies. Both are crocheted.

I found Charizard on Ebay and as a dragon fan and shiny hunter I just knew I had to get him. He's so detailed :3 I have no idea why he is turquoise like a Salamence and not black like all other shiny Charizards, but this makes him even more special. I've decided that he's just like Ash's pink Butterfree (but I won't release Charizard). And the best thing is that he has wire in all his body parts so he's even posable! He's very fun to play with ^^

The smaller beauty in the picture is called Sora and arrived at my house today after a journey all the way from the US. I normally don't give my plushies names, but the customs from this artist come with a crocheted pokeball and a little card that features the name of the plush. So Sora likes grape juice, her favorite color is turquoise and her birthday is April 1. So cute ^^ I decided this Salamence is a girl. She got along at once with Charizard. Now he has to carry her around and shuff XD I wonder if I should integrate them both into my Salamence collection?

Also, thanks to j_ule for showing where to buy the smaller crocheted plushies and to herar for middlemanning! :)

On a further note, I've updated my TCG trades / sales post with a bunch of new cards. Come take a look: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19395315.html
I'm still looking for a bunch of Rattata and Raticate cards, so if you have one from my wants list in the linked post let me know :)

Have a good day / night, everyone!
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