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Amazing Get+Question

Just got home from school to a package from Japan..

This adorable little monster! I couldn't resist this little guy when I saw him on Amazon.
He's from the Pikachu Friends with Berries lottery series.

The material this plush is made out of is so soft! Except for a few parts on the plush. The whiskers and tail are made out of a hard felt like material, as well as the leaves on the strawberry.

I know someone else who got one of these on this community referred to it as a fuzzy potato. I see the resemblance! They also had a bow on it's ear, I might have to do that for mine too!

Here he is with all the other Dedennes!

I had a question for anyone who's used Japamart as a deputy service for Yahoo Japan Auctions.
I made my first ever order there on sunday for my grail, and they said they would be sending us an email for some sort of invoice? Or the seller would make contact with us? It was an auction and we paid for the buy-it-now price. We still haven't gotten any further information and I'm not really sure how this whole process works.

Also I will be looking to own at least one or two of the Eeveelution Mascot plushies. The ones that came out recently in that cute little sitting position? Again, don't really have the money at the moment because of the grail buy but if anyone knows where I can buy one of those cheaply/is selling one, I'd love to know!
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