Lotad (lotad) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Gets and such.

The rest of my packages have pretty much come in, so I decided to share them with you guys. :D
I got my first V-Trainer, and she's beautiful. ;u;

First off, I got these badges from oberonsoasis! :D
They were sweet enough to include a free mini container with Cyndaquil! ;u; Thank you so much! <3 Tins/Containers are my favorite things! :'3

Next, I got quite a bit from helloskitty! :D

More Phanpy! :D
I love the Dex Stickers so much, I'm very happy I managed to get more of the Pokemon I collect!
The unofficial Phanpy pin is just adorable, and I really like the Donphan magnet! Although, I did do a magnet test on my fridge to see how well he stayed, and he fell off immediately. xD;

More Fire Porcupines! :D
I really like the small unofficial pins. I have two Umbreon and two Espeon ones. :o Does anyone know where these come from? I assume the same person, because they're all the same size and have the same consistency.

My first Camerupt kid figure! ^u^ I'm so happy, he's so darn cute!

Aaaannddd, more fireflies! n.n The coin bank is much larger than I expected! And a tough, plastic material too. :o It's pretty cool, I'm so happy I managed to find this.

It came MIP, too! Part of the packing is too cute, I think I'm going to keep it. xD

And last but not least..an Espeon V-Trainer! :D I bought this cutie off eBay, but then learned that the user was on Pokemon Collectors!
Thanks, shiny_vulpix! ~ <3

I hope someday I can find an Umbreon V-Trainer. ;n;

You can view my collection site here: http://synysterxskittles.weebly.com/ <3
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