shinychikorita (lisarastogi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction and wants

Hello Pokemon lovers and collectors,

My name is Lily and this is my first post. You can also call me Lisa if you would like!

My hobbies include playing Pokemon, listening to music, and running. I also love to draw and craft.

I am a passionate Pokemon lover also trying to collect lots of Pokemon merchandise along the way.

Though my collection is still pretty small, I am trying to expand it.

My favorite Pokemon(s) are Chikorita evo line and Dragonite evo line.

I mostly collect plush keychains and straps!

I am currently looking for these items^^

-2009 Pokemon Time Chikorita strap (MOST WANTED)
-My POkemon Collection Archeops/Archen Banpresto plush keychain
-2012 Pokemon Time Dragonair strap
-2012 Pokemon Center Togepi figure strap
-My Pokemon Collection 2014/2015 (not sure which year) Banpresto Dragonite/Dratini plush keychain (I believe it was from the UFO catcher in Japan...) (2nd MOST WANTED)

Sadly, I can only pay you through cash payments if I'm purchasing an item from you.

**Going to pay first before you send the item.
I do need a proof that you have the item in possession. **

**Reminder, I cannot pay through paypal or any other virtual payments. I apologize for the inconvenience.**

p.s. I know how to read, speak, and write in Japanese so if anyone needs help with translation please let me know any time :)

Nice to meet you all,

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