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Hey guys! it's high time that I order something for myself from the US Pokemon Center website, but I thought it was sort of a waste to just get one item and pay the full shipping cost. It came to mind that it would be much better if I could bulk order. One user messaged me and asked if I would be willing to middleman for them, and I thought getting some more people involved would not only lower domestic costs for both of us, but also provide this service to those who are outside of the US and can't usually order from the PokeCen website!

I've seen several comm members ask for middlemen for the site before. My hope is that I can provide items for non-US people who would otherwise have a hard time obtaining things, and do so at a (hopefully) reasonable price.

Sales Permission granted by Areica96 on March 21, 2015
Feedback is here

-I ship from WA, USA.
-I can only accept paypal for this service. Please send through goods and services.

>>Spreadsheet is here <<

Pickup Info
-I will be taking five total slots - five people, four items per person.
-Commission fees: 1 item = $3; 2 items = $4; 3-4 items = $5
-There will be two payments:

  1. Cost of your item(s) + Domestic Shipping ([group total/6) + Sales Tax (group total/6) + paypal fees. Payment due 24 hours after I determine charge 1 totals.

  2. Commission Fee + Shipping from me to you! Payment due 24 hours after I determine charge 2 totals.

-I will be accepting slots until Sunday, May 24th, 12:00 AM PST or until all slots are taken. Once I have everyone's orders, I will add all the items to my cart and see what the charge 1 cost will be. I will then make a spreadsheet, link it on this post with everyone's totals, and reply to your comment on this page saying that I am ready for your payment and your location information.
-Payment 1 is due 24 hours after I alert you. Once all payments are recieved, I will place the order.
-Once everyone's items are in, I will take pictures for you, pack and weight everything, and add charge 2 totals to the spreadsheet. I will make a new comm post about charge 2 information and payment will be due within 24 hours unless you speak to me first. I may be willing to hold the items for you for an amount of time if you communicate with me.

Detailed Payment Info + Shipping
-The domestic shipping cost will be split evenly among everyone (five participants + myself). The four item limit ensures that the cost of domestic shipping for each person will be below $5 even if all five participants order the max number. (The pokemon center charges $4.99 + $0.99/extra item for shipping.) I do not know where the website's warehouse is located, but because Pokemon International HQ is in Bellevue, I wonder if it's within my state. :D I suppose we'll find out.
-The sales tax will be split evenly among everyone.
-The commission is a small fee for me providing this service.
-I will charge $0.30+2% for the paypal fee. I realize that the fees cost more if paypal has to convert currency - I will cover the extra cost.
-International shipping from me to you starts at $7 and goes up from there. It is not possible for me to give you a 100% accurate quote for shipping costs because I don't have any of these items in hand. First Class International is the default shipping method and can be used for items under 4 lbs. First class does not come with tracking but does usually have a customs number that will give you limited information. It is not insured. Priority Mail international is safe and quick, but costs usually start at $35.00 (less if I can fit your items in a small flat rate box.) I really am willing to ship however you want as long as you are willing to pay! Im sorry that US shipping sucks so much
You can try to estimate shipping costs using USPS's Calculator and the item's weight on Amazon, if it is available there. Be sure to add a few ounces for packing materials. Please remember that this is a very rough estimate, though, and again we can't be certain of costs until I can pack and weight the physical item.


  1. clicky797 - UK/First Class - Pancha, Sylveon, Litleo, Venusaur pokedolls, Absol petit

  2. dialny - Finland/First Class - Shiny Mega Gengar Phone Case (iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s); Umbreon & Espeon Eevee Elements Glass Tumbler; Eevee Essences Notecube (675 sheets); Espurr Poké Plush (Standard Size) - 7 3/4"

  3. x2014 - Canada/First Class - Mega Absol Tumbler; Glaceon Plush

  4. Empty

  5. Empty

  6. Mercurrix - Mega Absol Plush

>>Screenshots of Totals

>>Cart Screenshots (click to enlrage)

>>Order Confirmation

>>It has shipped!!

Tracking #: 9361289877926100744894

To reserve a slot: Please comment with 1) the items you'd like to purchase, 2) your location, 3) international shipping preferences.

Please be sure that you understand the rules and let me know if you have any comments, questions, concerns! This is a bit of an experiment.. but I really hope that I can help some people out!! If this run is a success and everyone is happy with the outcome, then I can possibly do this again in the future.

Edit: I will be away from home from May 29th - 31st. If the package happens to come during this time, my family will be home to pick it up! You can still message me during this time and I will get back to you quickly. Regardless, all items will be processed the following week.

Thanks guys! :))
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