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Pikazard Part 2 + Others gets + my Eevee plushies

Hey everyone!

Maybe it's gonna be boring but yes this is another Pikazard get post ^^

I'll protect my Chu'Bros
(yes I still have to build a shelf for them...)

So we start with the latest one I've received: Lifesize Pikazard. This plush is awesome <3
(I wish the GyaraChu and PikaKarp had been as perfect as Pikazard :/)

But before I had received some goods from the previous release.

Maybe we need some close-ups ^^

The Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo Center is really beautiful (and really heavy too haha)
Then we have the plush keychain, stickers, Promo card and Tretta coin. I also kept these 3 Tretta coins which were part of a lot. The others are up for sale o/

The Gashapon figures. They are very cute :3
The axle of PikaBalloons is rotary, thus you can change a little its pose.

The PokéPlamo figure once assembled :)
I wasn't too bad with stickers haha I really appreciate the metallic aspect.

In this package Goomy might feel like an intruder lol

Those Gashapon figures are very tiny and cute :3
But I miss the one with Gulpin :(

I also received some other Pikachu plushies

Pika May enjoying the sun and the Okinawa Chus in vacation.

And let's end with some other plushies (among which Pikachu again xD)

So I decided to make a group picture with all my Eevees (I don't have so many in fact haha).

I've just pre-ordered the MokoMoko one which looks so cuuuuute :3

Thank you for reading :)

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):

I added many Tretta coins and a Pikazard postcard to my sales o/
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