clicky797 (clicky797) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another Absol kids figure?

Calling all kids figure experts! I was having a look through the list of kids figures on the Pokemon Collectors wiki page, and I noticed that Absol has four entries.
So there's the Pokemon kids advance 3 figure, which has a clear version, so I assume this is the sitting kid. There's also the Attack Pokemon kids 1 figure, which has a clear version, which is the Quick Attack figure. And there's the shiny figure. However, there was also a Pokemon kids DP National pokedex figure, which has no clear version. Is this just a remake of the sitting kids figure, or is there another Absol kids figure that I've been overlooking this whole time?! O_o I need to know!
Thanks! :)
Edit: False alarm it was just a remake! XD
Also, on another note, I stumbled across these online:

They are the cutest, chubbiest Articuno babies I've ever seen! XD If you were the one who made them, please PM me I want one! :)
Tags: absol, articuno, kids
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