sadisticbrit (sadisticbrit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small convention gets

I just got back from a convention and have a few things that have helped add to my collection Ow<)/

First up is this Nidorino plush! I'm not sure if it's official but I liked it regardless! I'm not too strict when it comes to bootleg plushes, so long as they're soft and the pattern is decent! Figures is where I'm picky!

And lastly are these figures! I'm actually pretty sad at the moment because I DID buy the Chespin. But I think the guy must have mispacked them because when I got home and opened the paper bag it was nowhere to be found ;3; I know I can't have lost it because it went straight to the bottom of my bag the moment I got them! I should have checked at the convention centre aaah I messaged them to see if I can get another one via their online shop but we'll see, if not maybe the community can help me out and complete the collection ;w;)9

On the positive side though, at least I didn't lose Froakie which is my favourite one.

Tags: gets, nidorino
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