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Convention Gets!

Hello everyone! I just got back from Anime North and I was there for the whole weekend! I bought a bunch of Pokemon stuff! :D

Here's a little sneak peek

Poor Pikachu is tired from the weekend too! ;o;

Anyways, I got a bunch of stuff! On Friday, I bought all of the stuff I super duper wanted. I had a few things in mind that I wanted for sure and here they are!

Here are the plushies and Kids figure I wanted! It took an hour or so to get into the con and I had to run to get the Goodra and Milotic! Goodra is for my boyfriend so it was worth running for :'D

I had a lot of trouble figuring out if I actually wanted these charms! I love Mega Audino to death and I just had to get them!

Also there was a print that I was looking for that whole day and oh my gosh it's so much cuter when I saw it in person!

This sleepy Pokemon print! I got incredibly happy that I actually got it because oh my freaking god it has Spritzee on it!!!! I love it so much!!!!

On Saturday, I got a few things! I got to meet up with one of my friends who I haven't seen since the end of last semester! We're super good friends and she bought me a little something special!

The Clefairy Secret Base Pokedoll! Ever since it was announced, I've been wanting it and it finally happened. I can't believe she actually got this for me!

While looking at Inferno Cat's booth that day, they had some mini-charms for sale and low and behold...

The Cofagrigus line charms! I actually screamed when I saw these because I never thought that I would find these at a con! It was on my wishlist too! ;W;

Last but not least, I had also gotten another thing that was on my wishlist. I didn't know where to get these but thankfully cons have them!

The Mega Gengar (and Mega Lucario...) deck shield! Aaaaah I wanted this so bad when I saw it because it was purple and I got it for $13! My pulls from the Primal Clash packs I got in it were horrid like usual ;-;

Today was a very calm day when it came to buying stuff since I didn't have that much money left haha! I did get two Pokemon related things though! First of all I got something I've been eyeing since it was announced but was afraid of getting because of the price ;w;

The Raincoat Monthly Pikachu! Aaaaah it's so cute and it was worth every cent! I'm so tempted to take the raincoat off and trying to fit my Spritzee in it ;w;

I also got a print from one of my sibling's friends for free!

(Gaaah I hope the picture isn't too big on this one!)
It's a super cute mega evolution print! My sibling didn't know which print to get for themself so they let me choose one!

Those are all of my gets! I had a pretty good time even though the con was a little disorganized at times! Here's a quick picture of my Pokemon gets excluding prints!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm super tired but I sadly have school tomorrow haha! ;o;

Also just another thing I wanted to talk about.

Oh my gosh??? I'm really excited for Hoopa merch to come out since I want to collect it but wowee this plushie is so cute??? I can't wait to buy one!!!

Is anyone else planning on collecting Hoopa? Both forms or only one form? I'm planning on collecting both but mainly the Unbound form!

Thank you for reading this post and I'll see you all next time!
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