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2 fantastic little gets + some wants!

Hello guys! I just have two new little gets I want to share with you. You can see pics under the cut!
Also, I have some new wants. I know I wanted stop collecting, but really - it seems to be to difficult for me xD There are some things I would love to have in my home.
1. Zukan figures wanted!
I'm searching for: butterfree, ledyba/ledian, venonat/venomoth, heracross...maybe others. I know some are quite expensive. I would love to do an art trade, but if you prefer want to sell them, let me know and tell me your price!
2. Footprint/Dex figures wanted! I'm in love with these little figures! They are so detailed and cute! They also are a reference to the sapphire/ruby games! (I think it only exist the 3. Gen, but I can be wrong). So thats why I wanna have some! My high-priority are wingull and pelipper. I'm unsure about the others, so I would love to see some pics of the ones you have for sale! I can also do an art-trade, but if you prefer wanna sell them, tell me your prices!
And here are my gets!

Its my cookie commission from poliwhirl!
Thank you, I love it so much!!!
Look at it how real it looks! I just wanna eat it :D But wait ---- its too cute to do that >_<

Sorry for the blurry pics :/

My raichu kid arrived! Thanks to allinia to do the pickup for me! :) It arrived all well and I could make the box standing up and it looks like it is still unopened! The raichu pic on the box and the sticker is just adorable. ♥

Raichu-brothers! They look so cute together! :D (♥_♥)

Thanks all for looking and helping me out! ♥♥♥ Have a nice day!
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