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Hopeful Wants! :)

I've been having a lot of luck with ticking things off my wants list lately, so I thought I'd run with it and see if anyone has any of these items for sale.
(Photos used are not mine. If they are yours and you want them taken down just let me know!)

Articuno ceramic mug

Clefairy pokedoll Tomy

Tomy pokeball and fossil figures (came with Audley fossil Pokemon and Eeveelutions)

Breloom Tomy

The three items pictured above are the one's I'm most desperate to find: the Articuno UFO banpresto plush (preferably with tags, but being in good condition is more important!), clear Absol kids (either sitting or attack pose) and the Bandai Absol double action figure! :) I'm willing to pay at least $100 for the Absol figure (more or less depending on condition, inclusion of projectile and card, etc) so if you have it don't hesitate to let me know! :) As for the Banpresto plush, I had my eye on one on eBay for $20 (with a buy it now of $35) and someone else bought it now! :/ It wasn't in the best condition (but it did have hang tag) so don't really have an amount in mind. Preferably less than $40, as it's not the nicest plush out there haha! XD As for the Absol clear kid, I'd be happy if someone could point me in the direction of a lot that has one in it! :)
Thanks guys! :)
Tags: absol, articuno, breloom, figures, tomy, wants
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