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Carboot Sale gets + Recent buys + Sales

Hi PKMNCollectors!

I've recently realised that every time I post, it's always incredibly busy XD Sorry about that!

ANYWAY, so today I left the house especially early to attend my village's / county's carboot sale which is held every bank holiday Monday. Now, usually, there's never any Pokemon items and if there is, it's always some Hasbro or play-by-play plushies with a few random figures thrown in....

Never have I EVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS expected to find a stall with this stuff on it...

You may have seen Hasbro's, you may have seen play-by-play, you may have even seen TOMY Pokemon merchandise, but have you ever known there to be POKEMON CENTER TOKYO MERCHANDISE AT A CARBOOT SALE!?

Now, this was the very last stall at the show and I hadn't seen ONE piece of Pokemon merchandise... To say I was excited when I found this stall is an understatement, I freaked out. And bought everything.


Yeah, it's not much but I was so happy!

Now the item I was most excited about was this:

The art is so adorable! Just look at those dark puppies!

Now onto my recent purchases, I found these on eBay and just had to get them immediately! This is just the picture from the listing so I'll be sure to post more when they arrive! :3

I'm so excited for these to arrive because as you can see, not only does this promotion feature a dark puppy, it also features a fire puppy! These postcards are also incredibly glittery! *^*

I'm only after the postcard featuring the puppies, so the others will be up for auction is there's anybody interested :)

Lastly, we have a shameless sales plug. Now with a new banner featuring the gorgeous artwork of Akeyma from my SSS! <3 (Just click the link below)

(I've added my Pokemon Center deluxe Zekrom plush for a reduced BIN price)

Thanks for reading! <3
Tags: arcanine, charmander, houndoom, jigglypuff, pikachu, piplup, scizor, tyrantitar
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