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Con gets and won an auction!

Hi all!
This is going to be a short entry, but I just got back from a con and got some stuff while I was there!

Alright alright so actually the first things I got are bootlegs, but I kinda knew they were bootlegs. Shame on meeee

I mean, I was not planning to buy a $40+ Pikazard since my main focus is Oshawott, and this bootleg looked really cute for half the prie. Sorry, he was right there and I just plunged and got him! If I have the funds, I might get a legit one someday. I do wanna get one of those Pikakarps though, lol!

For those who want to know what the differences are so you can avoid the bootlegs, I think the main thing I noticed is that the arms are down, while the legit angry Pikazard's hands are up. This one also has no tags, which is always super sketchy. I am sure there are other differences, but those are just the ones I noticed easily.

This next one is actually one I had been looking for

SUPER TINY BOOTLEG OSHAWOTT! I see bins at cons filled with these reeeeaally tiny bootleg pokemon figures and I always dig trying to find a smaller version of a hilariously ugly Oshawott bootleg figure I already have. I finally found an Oshawott in a bin, for just 50 cents, and he is actually really cute! Much cuter than the larger bootleg. I have named him Oshiwhat (oh-shee-what). My other bootleg is names Oshawatt (emohasis on WATT)

this last item has been confirmed NOT a bootleg, however!

An Oshawott puppet! ahhhh so cute! I haven't seen it up for sale around here, so I was stoked to see him at the con!

I also got some super cute stickers via trading art but I don't feel like taking anymore pics right now orz

I won my first Yahoo!Japan auction!
I had used Fromjapan before to just buy an item, but the auction section always confused me. I was linked to an auction for this guy

who I assumed was worth at least $40 several years ago, since I had seen some old sales posts with him in it. But I ended up getting him for $20 + shipping! I am so happy, I've been wanting him since I had first seen it! Now I just need to hope it gets to me safely!  QuQ
ahhhhhh he is so cute!!!
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