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Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

My Trainer Needs Some Pokemon ^w^

Hey guys! I got two big wants from my last post, so I'm hoping this one will be as successful ^w^

Before I left on my trip last week, I received a package I've been eagerly waiting for for months. I couldn't be happier with what was inside <3

A NENDOROID OF MY Y TRAINER <333 Made by the lovely lillyann123 :D
I'm trying to copy what they did with Red, giving him three Pokemon. I have a Bulbasaur tomy for her, but I'm looking for two more Pokemon that might fit. Her team consists of Espeon, Aurorus, Talonflame, Venasaur, Greninja, and Pikachu. Aside from Pikachu, I'm looking for first evolution tomy evo's of those Pokemon. I know that I definitely want a Fletchling, and a blue Pokemon. So I'm looking for a Fletchling tomy, and Froakie OR Amaura. I'm still thinking about which one :'D If you have those Pokemon, please let me know!

I'm so excited to come home to all the other packages waiting, hehe. I'll post giveaway results with my next gets post later this week, but since I ended up taking longer than expected with results, feel free to enter if you haven't yet ^^

Giveaway: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19311976.html
Card Trades: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/10690.html

Edit: Found, thank you :D
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