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Recent Gets and Wants List!!

Hello everyone!

Finally got some new gets! I'm so happy right now. Ho-oh had been a grail for me for years, and I finally got my hands on one, here he is! He arrived this morning!

Also Here is the Raikou Pokedoll and a couple of Mini Pokedolls I got a week or so ago!

Also here is an updated wants list!

Litleo (with Hand Tag) Purchased!
Ho-oh (TTO / HT) Purchased!
Shadow Lugia (TTO / HT)
Giratina Banpresto 8" (with tag)

Lugia (HT) Preferably the japanese version to go with ho-oh!
Dialga (TTO / HT)
Entei (TTO / HT)
Kyogre (TTO / HT)
Suicune (TTO / HT)
Lapras ( with Hand Tag) Newer version
Shiny Raikou (TTO / HT + wanting payment plan)

(I'll keep adding and updating as I go along, there is a huge list of wants!)
Tags: celebi, ho-oh, kyogre, plush, pokedoll, pokemon, raikou, torchic, victini
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