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I've been aching for this little gal to arrive since I first found her on eBay- and I'm glad I found her when I did. She completes another piece of the Kanto Trio, and just puts a little spring in my step to have her with me.

(pics, story, and more under the cut!)

Like a lot of us here do, I was browsing through eBay to see if anything interesting had turned up in my main searches. (And of course something had, otherwise I wouldn't be making this post) Going through the eevee search, I happened upon an amazing little thing- a still-on-card Eevee Suzunari! I was taken aback- I didn't expect to see one so soon after finding Vaporeon, and especially not as pristine as this one was.

Panic set in, though, as the listing was auction only, and I couldn't babysit it while I was at work. I sent a question to the seller, hoping that maaaaybe they would be wanting to sell it outright with an interested buyer.

Turns out, not only would they sell it straight to me, they were also a member of PKMNCollectors! cottonbell contacted me here, and after a short discussion of a good BIN price, the auction closed and Eevee was mine- almost. The hardest part after that was agonizing over the tracking updates to make sure she arrived safely!

Of course, the day she's expected to arrive, the mail is late, leading me to worry that she might have been delivered to another address or even simply lost. Thankfully for my nerves she arrived just fine and in extremely nice packaging.

The package- which turned out to be wrapping paper!

The box.

A sweet note from cottonbell with a Vaporeon stamp. (A+)

The 'Vee herself!

I can only hope the pictures show how pretty she is. To see her in person, in her cute little box looking so, so... I don't even know, adorable doesn't do it justice! I love seeing things like this from the past- stuff that was around when I was itty bitty, something that has been around almost as long as me, that went on its own adventure before coming into my house, my hands. It's inspiring to me.

Now, the second hardest part was cutting the strings that held her to the box.

Kidding. ( U wU) I'd never do that.
(But I groan inwardly at what 6 year old me would have done)

And there she sits, in her little throne to reign over all the 'vees!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU cottonbell, for selling this little darling to me! ;w;

That's not all I got today though!


Bubble wrap! Card package! :D Oh hey, something's inside...

Awww yis

Another thank you to risha_moon for helping add to my tiny Michigan Jolties!
For now they'll be worn by Mr. Zap.

Oh, also this-

Another blast form the past- a super sturdy HUGE promotion badge for the first games at Wal-Mart! Not much to say about it except it's a neat little promotional from the 90's. (and that I bought it for the miniscule Eevee and Flareon on it)

That's it for now! I'm still expecting a few more gets from the comm in the mail, and those should hopefully arrive this week. Thank you for reading!
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