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Greetings and collection photos!

Hello! Fairly new to the community but after various attempts to escape the collecting bug, I've definitely fallen victim to it and I'm trying to be a little more focused in my attempts to "catch 'em all."

I've been into Pokemon since way back when the anime first aired in the USA (and somewhere in the boxes at my parents house is all my stuff from way back then) but have continued a love for it via the games. Most of my collection so far is convention finds, US-available merchandise (bless the new Tomy figures being released here) or gifts from friends.

My DX plush of Minccino, Cherrim and Fennekin (and a cameo appearance from my Sailor Moon prize Luna)

My 3 fave Eeveelutions and Fossil pokemon.

More plush goodies including more of my Chillarmy-army. My Serperiors + Servine, Espurr + Meowstic and a dash of blue amdist the gray and green from Mudkip.

Figure shelf, which is mostly the USA Tomy releases on the bottom (with a Cinccino and Furret phone strap)
Top shelf is one of my N prize figures, my zukans, two clay-sculpted fanmades (the Rampardos from an artist alley booth and the Froslass which I made myself) and some of my BW trainer-related merch (Skyla & Elesa Mate figure charms and the N/White and Skyla/Elesa fastener charms)

And top shelf, which is the other N prize figure, a hoarde of kids and my three prized plush of Froslass, Furret and Braviary.

I don't really have any set rules to my collecting style, but there are definitely a few Pokemon / Trainers that I pretty much buy anything I find of. (Minccino, N, Hilda (White), Serperior, Espurr, Skyla)

That being said, my extremely wanted/grail list is the following:
- Anything Braviary / Rufflet (outside the movie plush I own)
- Anything Froslass (outside the I Love Ice Type plush I own)
- Anything Furret (outside the Pokemon Time items and Kid I own)
- Anything Dunsparce (one of my top 5 pokemon and I have yet to find anything for it)
- Other items from the Espurr Wanted line outside the plush
- The Patchwork Plush Minccino
- Anything Klefki (outside the Tomy figure I own)
- and probably a million other things I cannot think of right now.
Tags: introductions, wants
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